Campaign for Gender Equality and Safe Abortion

The deep-rooted patriarchal values of the Indian society deny many women her sexual and reproductive rights. Woman’s sexual and reproductive behaviour is controlled through gender discrimination and violence. The falling sex ratios and the continuing high maternal mortality and morbidity are reflective of the abridgment of the right of women to a life free of denial, discrimination, and disease.

To address this issue, SRKPS has joined hands with national and international organizations and individuals to implement Pratigya: a nationwide campaign for ‘Gender Equality and Safe Abortion’. At present, FRHSI is leading the campaign activities in India as a secretariat. The campaign is committed to promote women’s rights and access to safe abortion in India. Currently, the campaign activities are focused at national level and in two identified states namely Rajasthan and Maharashtra where the access to safe abortion services have been regulated by the State government’s action to impose Pre Conception Pre Natal Diagnostic Technology (PCPNDT) in a rigorous manner.

Presently Rajasthan is excelling in effective implementation of the PCPNDT Act as well as is the only state with PCPNDT Bureau of Investigation (PBI Rajasthan). Also, SRKPS is a member of State Advisory Board, PCPNDT Cell, Rajasthan.

The project activities include engaging with key government officials working on implementation of Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act and PCPNDT Act, Sex selection groups and media representatives to address the deep-rooted gender-based violence and discrimination in the country and placing abortion as a reproductive health issue.


Our Reach

Partnered with 120 NGOs

Sensitized 75 Media representatives.

Clarification note issued by State Drug Controller to enable women to access abortion pills across Rajasthan.

Media sensitized to publish first of its kind advertisement for abortion in Rajasthan State.

District Level Committee notified for effective monitoring in the respective districts.

SAC committee formed for effective implementation of MTPAct in Rajasthan.


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