Protecting and promoting the rights of children

It is a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year, free, emergency phone service for children in need of aid and assistance

At CHILDLINE, we follow an action process which starts at the first call and continues till the child in need of care and protection is safely rehabilitated. And to achieve that we every call made by adult or a child is assured of assistance from a trained team incapacitated to reach the child within an hour of having received a call on 1098. Childline 1098, Jhunjhunu service was started in September, 2016 and within few months of its starting 1098 services reaches to every town and villages of the district.

After reaching the child it works with multiple stakeholders such as police authorities, child protection boards, social workers and counselors. Children’s consent and participation is an important component of this process from response to intervention. To ensure the child’s continued safety, CHILDLINE proceeds to find long-term rehabilitation for the child. For this, the CHILDLINE team does constant follow ups with the child – meeting the family or the visiting the shelter if a child has been assigned to stay in one.

With support from Jhunjhunu District Administration, Child Welfare Committee and Police Department, SRKPS partnered with CHILDLINE India Foundation to raise awareness among children and massage bout the helpline. The activities included organizing community events, open school events and ‘CHILDLINE se Dosti’ campaign to make ordinary citizens stakeholders and initiate action towards caring for children and safeguarding their rights


Our Reach

64 children were saved from abuse

71 children were rescued from child labour.

16 child marriages were stopped.


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