Creating safer spaces for women and girls

The Safer Cities for Girls is a locally led, globally united initiative of Plan International that contributes to develop safe, accountable, and inclusive cities with and for girls. The program builds on vision of striving for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. The project is a critical pivot to achieve a step-change improvement in safety for girls in cities and promoting gender equality. It will play a decisive role in delivering transformative change in the lives of girls.

The project engages a range of stakeholders like girls, boys, parents and caregivers and local authorities (e.g., municipal authorities, public transport managers, police etc.) to confront social and cultural norms and unequal gender power relations which hinder girls’ safety in cities. This program works to increase girls’ capacities to understand their rights to safety in the city. It correspondingly aims to build constructive dialogue and partnerships between girls, local government, and community organizations to ensure gender equality in the planning, design, and management of safer public spaces such as parks, market places, transport, roads, workplace, schools etc.

The program works with a core group of girls who will continue to participate in the program activities over and beyond the project period. The girls will gradually develop their capacities to understand and internalize gender issues and feel confident in speaking out about them. They will then be provided the opportunity to engage with different streams of duty bearers to appreciate their role in making cities safer for girls. The aspiration here is that this synergetic exposure will enable them to constructively dialogue with governance representatives and to become leaders in their own right on safety and inclusion issues.

The project activities are implemented in Jaipur City


Our Reach

Eight girls and three boys groups with 450 membership mobilized

Capacity building of boys and girls as Champions of Change Curriculum.

Establishment of two Youth Resource Centre at Hasanpura ward no. 22 &27

Ten safety audits led by girls are conducted

12 community score cards on Safety issues with different stakeholders on safety parameters are organised in which 500 community members have participated.

6 intergenerational dialogues held – 298 parents and 159 boys and girls interacted with parents on safety and gender issues.

Week long campaign to stop violence against young women organized - 600 girls, boys and 1500 community members participated.

Claiming public spaces/parks - 110 girls participated in self-defense an yoga sessions

In five schools 206 children drew pictures of the city of their dreams

Slogans promoting gender equality were painted by 80 school students on walls in public spaces.

100 girls trained on basic martial art techniques in a week long training.


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