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“Empowering Children through Model School Project”

There are many carried out several studies to understand the status of children’s education in Rajasthan. One such study was done in 15 schools of Alwar district has shown that 50% of the schools lacked functional toilets, the remaining were unclean, 40% schools had poor accessibility to water. Moreover, the status regarding library was poor in 90 percent of the schools and 40 % schools had no sports material. The non-functional infrastructure along with other aspects such as poor quality of education and social factors contribute to high drop out of children especially girls from schools in the state.

“Empowering children through Model School project” was started with support from Plan India from July 2018 and will continue till June 2019. The project is being implemented in Government Primary School of Kacherwala in Chokhliyavaas village of Amber tehsil in Jaipur District. In this particular primary school there 23 girls and 14 boys (a total of 37) students in 1st to 5th standard


Our Reach

Renovation/ Construction of toilets, roof, Septic Tank, Water tank and plumbing work, drinking water facilities, hand and utensil washing.

Construction of Boundary wall, shade and minor repairs

Providing Sports facilities

Setting up of libraries and reading corners

Provision of K- Yan

Establishing sanitation Management Fund

Painting as Building as Learning Aid (BALA).


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