Targeted Intervention for reducing the prevalence HIV/AIDS

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TI- Injection Drug Users (IDUs)

IDUs are a third HRG for which targeted interventions are of critical importance. HIV is highly transmissible through the sharing of needles and other injection equipment, so it can spread very rapidly within networks of IDUs who share injecting equipment with each other. Once HIV prevalence is high in the IDU population, it can expand quickly into their sexual networks. Some IDUs are also sex workers, which can quickly link HIV transmission in the IDU networks to transmission in the larger high-risk sexual networks.
With the financial support of RSACS (Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society), Jaipur, TI project, with a target of 400 IDUs (Injecting Drug Users), has been started from March 2011, in Kota district of Rajasthan. As part of targeted interventions, we focus on all the six components of TI:
• Provision of commodities
• Clinical services
• Enabling environment
• Behavioral Communication change
• Community Mobilization
• Referral and Linkages

The project has 645 registered IDUs.


TI-Female Sex Workers (FSWs)

The program of targeted intervention project is in for achieving the goal of NACP basically for prevention of HIV/AIDS control. The core group under TI the first one is Female sex worker (FSW) then MSM and IDU HRGs and the bridge population like Migrant and Trucker are mainly exposed with FSW apart from this the general population are also exposed with FSW.
Bhawani Mandi is a famous for its railway station and a huge orange market, so in search of business, HRGs associated with it visits here. The orange business here takes place for 8 months. It is the area of big factories so people come from U.P, Bihar, M.P, Maharashtra, Nepal,etc to work. At least 8000 HRGs work in these factory.
The TI project goal, Strategic objectives, Project strategy and TI component has been mentioned so how to achieve each component are given below:
• Behavior Change Communication
• STI Management
• Condom promotion
• Enabling Environment
• Community Mobilization
• Referrals and Linkages
• Monitoring and Evaluation


Our Reach

564 IDUs registered against the target of 300.

304 FSWs registered.

108155 syringe distributed.

28319 condoms distributed


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