Targeted Intervention for reducing the prevalence HIV/AIDS

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Targeted interventions are a cost effective way to implement HIV prevention and care programs in settings with low-level and concentrated HIV epidemics. Such interventions are aimed at offering prevention and care services to high risk populations ( Female Sex Workers- FSW, Male having Sex with Male- MSM and Injecting Drug Users- IDUs) within communities by providing them with the information, means and skills they need to minimize HIV transmission and improving their access to care, support and treatment services.

In the context of HIV/AIDS in India, Rajasthan is considered low prevalence yet highly vulnerable state. The most recent mapping study (In 2008 conducted by Raman group of consultants) reveals the presence of over 27000 FSWs, 12460 MSMs and 2061 IDUs. Presence of large number of rural based sex work is one of the contributing factors. In addition, Rajasthan has got 19% of mines in India which attracts large number of labourers from other parts of the country. Rajasthan State being one of the most renowned tourist destinations in the country, attracts large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year which is 25% of Indian tourism. It is also significant to note that from the state huge number of people are going for out migration especially to high prevalent states like Maharastra, Gujarat and Karnataka.

To reduce the prevalence of HIV/AIDS, SRKPS in partnership with Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society (RSACS) and National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) is implementing the project activities to make a significant impact in the global fight against HIV and AIDS by accelerating uptake of ICTC services amongst IDUs and FSWs in the most marginalized communities of Kota and Jhalawar districts of Rajasthan.

The project activities focus on improving knowledge levels of high risk groups about the causes and consequence of sexually transmitted diseases and preventive measures, increasing health seeking behavior through interpersonal communication (One to one, One to group, Focus group discussion, small media event, need based IEC materials distribution), promotion of safer sex practices through the condom usages.


Our Reach

564 IDUs registered against the target of 300.

304 FSWs registered.

108155 syringe distributed.

28319 condoms distributed


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